Software Packages for Grounding and Earthing

The MultiGround family of applications, (MultiGround+, MultiGround and AutoGround) are three powerful and high precision software packages dedicated to grounding analyses and conductive coupling studies. SES has developed these packages for engineers and scientists who specialize in grounding and conductive interference and who demand accurate, no-compromise solutions. All three packages include the AutoGrid Pro and AutoGroundDesign integrated software packages.

The AutoGrid Pro software package is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software tool, which provides a simple and integrated environment for carrying out grounding studies. The software package consists of several integrated engineering modules that are designed to study the effectiveness of grounding installations with respect to electrical safety both of personnel and equipment, allowing you to suggest improvements to existing installations or to design new installations.

Finally, the AutoGroundDesign software package is the only fully automated software package that can analyze and design grounding systems without the intervention of the user between various phases of the design.

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The following articles were written by experts of the Analytical R&D division of SES.

Software Packages for Electrical Interference

ROWCAD and Right-of-Way Pro (ROW) are integrated powerful software packages dedicated to accurately compute electromagnetic interference (i.e., voltages and currents) transferred from electric power lines and cables (by inductive, capacitive and through-earth coupling) to pipelines, railways, communication lines and other such utilities, whether buried or aboveground. The Right-of-Way Pro software package consists of a powerful set of integrated computation modules designed to accurately analyze these interference problems and provide mitigation with a global perspective, starting literally from the ground up.

MultiLines is the ideal software package for calculating the line constants of any complex arrangement of conductors, including cables, pipes and pipe-enclosed cables, whether buried or aboveground. It also computes capacitive and electromagnetic induction effects on ungrounded conductors and electric fields generated by energized conductors in air. Moreover it can be used with distribution and transmission lines to determine residual and fault current distributions between a central grounding system and all conductor paths including neutrals, shield wires, metallic sheaths and counterpoises. Furthermore, detailed inductive interference analyses involving grounded or ungrounded conductors can be conducted accurately using MultiLines+. Note that MultiLines does not compute conductive interference effects through soil.

  • AC Interference for Pipelines
  • AC Interference for Railways
  • AC Interference for Telecommunication Cables
  • Soil Resistivity Measurements and Interpretation

Appendix E - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Power Company
Appendix F - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Pipeline Company
Appendix G - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Railway Company
Appendix H - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Telephone or Telecommunication Cable Company
Appendix I - Soil Resistivity Measurements

Software Packages for Studies Involving Electromagnetic Fields and Lightning & Transients

MultiFields is the optimal tool for tackling complex electromagnetic problems involving conductor networks. It is a unique engineering software package that can be used to solve any electromagnetic problem involving a network of arbitrarily oriented aboveground and buried conductors energized by any number of current and voltage sources. Also, MultiFields is probably the only EMF software that can provide accurate solutions to transient and steady-state problems in the frequency range of 0 to thousands of megahertz.

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The following articles were written by the experts in SES’s Analytical R&D division: