Reduce the Number of Bundled Conductors

The SESeBundle  software tool is useful to find the characteristics of an equivalent single conductor that accurately represents a bundle of conductors.

Produce Solid and Hollow Equivalents

SESeBundle  is capable of computing two types of equivalents:

  • Solid: finds the radius, relative resistivity and relative permeability of an equivalent single conductor which accurately replaces a bundle of conductors in the sense that the equivalent conductor and the actual bundle yield the same series impedance.
  • Hollow: finds external and internal radii and relative resistivity of an equivalent single hollow conductor that accurately represents a bundle of conductors while preserving the series impedance of the bundled conductors. This is of great help when modeling cables with concentric neutrals.

Increase Speed

To model a bundle of conductors, you could in principle model each conductor independently. However, in many cases, it is possible to use an equivalent, thereby reducing memory usage and increasing computational performance.

Create Equivalents for:

  • Bundled phase conductors.
  • Regularly interconnected shield wires.
  • Rails and their mitigation wires.
  • Pipelines and their mitigation wires.
  • Cables with concentric wires and/or a wire armor composed of several individual conductors.