An enhanced text interface for viewing or editing program commands stored in SES input files.

More Than a Simple Text Editor

The graphical user interfaces of SES software provide intuitive environments for users to input data and save the information in (.F05) input files.  Power users may also use a text editor to access their input data; this approach offers additional flexibility, and in some contexts provides a means to more rapidly review and modify input data. SES has developed this feature-rich text editor to facilitate this form of editing.

SESTextEditor user interface.

Features Adapted to the SES Command Structure

  • Syntax Highlighting: Easily identify color-coded keywords from the SES command language.
  • Automatic Indenting: Quickly discern the hierarchical command structure within your file.
  • Command Group Collapsing: Focus on sections of the document you are reviewing or editing.
  • Tooltips: Inspect variable names, default and valid range of values.
  • Command Completion: Minimize errors, and save time and keystrokes by using the editor’s autocomplete feature. 
  • On-the-Fly Validation: Flag incorrectly specified data.
  • Command Help: Access detailed command descriptions.

Cutting-Edge Editing

  • Advanced Find and Replace:
    • Search a highlighted selection, the current document, or within all documents.
    • List all occurrences at once.
    • Search for patterns using regular expressions.
  • Rectangular Selection: Select, extract and modify columns of text rather than lines.
  • Edition Marks: Recognize the lines that have been modified.
  • Multi-Document Support: View documents side-by-side.
  • File Attributes Awareness : Detect external changes to the files and toggle read-only mode.


The SESTextEditor empowers advanced users to rapidly review and modify their input data in a convenient, enhanced, and adapted text editor environment.