An Automatic Corrosion Design Application

SESCPCalculator is a new quick tool that performs calculations to estimate appropriate cathodic protection design to specific target structures to be protected against corrosion.

Technical Description

SESCPCalculator automatically analyzes the system to be protected and provides the corrosion design in accordance with various standards. Two simple calculators are provided by SESCPCalculator to estimate appropriate ICCP (Impressed Current Corrosion Protection and GACP (SACP) (Galvanic/Sacrificial Anode Corrosion Protection), respectively, onshore and offshore.

Technical Capabilities

SESCPCalculator consists of two integrated modules.

In an impressed current CP (ICCP) system, a DC current is injected by a rectifier between the protected structure and a deep anode bed. The negative end of the rectifier is connected to the structure being protected. SESCPCalculator ICCP calculator automatically determines the required current from the CP system and rates the required rectifier voltage level, in order to provide the necessary user-specified cathodic protection current. For example, the minimum current density required to achieve full protection depending on the environment, e.g., 1 mA/ft2 for an onshore pipeline, where soil resistivity is about 100 ohm·m.

For a galvanic sacrificial anode system, a sacrificial anode is part of a cathodic protection system and is attached or connected to a steel structure to protect it against corrosion. Sacrificial anodes are made of more active, less noble metals than that of the structure to be protected. The GACP calculator automatically calculates the number of the specified anodes and their distribution, in order to achieve the user-specified design objective.