SES Software 16 Known Issues

Update Version 16.0.8470, Service Pack 2


The following is a list of the main known issues that were newly discovered in SES Software Version 16, Service Pack 2.



1.       Attempting to draw the circuit will cause a crash if the F21 file is corrupt or incomplete.


Workaround: Re-compute in order to generate a valid F21 file before attempting to draw.


1.       Exporting to ROW with a Coating Specification on the Cross-Section will not work correctly in a foreign culture environment with a different decimal separator.


Workaround: Change the decimal separator in the desktop environment. Edit the F05 file manually to fix the wrong information. ("ROWCAD Output\RW_AttributeSetDescription.F05")


2.       Loading very large kml files (polylines with on the order 1,000 nodes) can take several hours.



       Break the polyline in the original kml file into smaller parts and load separately. You can then merge the polyline coordinates in RowCAD.

       Load the file in SESCAD, which has far less strict validation, and save as HIFREQ, MALZ or MALT. Subsequently import into RowCAD. Caution: the import will still take a rather long time, so consider simplifying the imported polyline.


3.       Zooming out too much on a large system can make the system disappear.


Workaround: Click on the Zoom to All button to restore the view.


1.       For a multi-bundle terminal type, the default data shown in the UI for the neutral specification of bundle 2 are not properly saved to file. They do get saved once one of the fields has changed.


Workaround: Modify the default data before exiting the Edit Terminal screen.