SES Software 15.6 Update
Version 15.6.12601
Safe Engineering Services & technologies limited
June 2017


A cumulative set of updates are packaged for SES Software 15.6.

This update package will install all of the updates and bring SES Software up-to-date with the highest version listed below in the table. The table also shows the details of the changes in the software that are included in this update package.

You may compare the version number in the table with the Update Version1 number in SES Software if you want to determine the level of updates that is installed on your computer.

Affected software packages: All

Installation Instructions

  1. Log-in on the Software Updates webpage.
  2. Download the software update package, SES156UPG.exe, to a folder of your choice, for example, "C:\Users\Public\Downloads".
  3. In the File Explorer of Windows, browse to the folder in which you have downloaded the update package.
  4. Start the update package, SES156UPG.exe, and click on the Next button to begin the extraction process. The installation of the update will be started automatically after the package has been extracted.
  5. Proceed with the installation dialogs to install the update.

Note-1: You must have full administrative privileges in order to be able to install this update.

Note-2: This update package is exclusively designed for SES Software 15.6. If you have not installed this distribution, then this update is not applicable.

Details of the Update

Programs Updated
Update Version1
(Product Version)

All Programs

The specified Time-out limit will now be acknowledged. For a network license, this may improve the responsiveness of programs by using a value of 600 seconds or more.



SESCAD has been updated for the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes the display of the program when viewing in high-DPI settings.

  • Improves the performance of the program for operations requiring a verification of the license.


ROWCAD has been updated as follows:

  • Fixes an issue where the first energization could be saved with the phase number 0 instead of 1.

  • Fixes an issue where using the undo and redo action following a ‘Phase Added’ action could lead some terminal energization with inconsistent number of energizations.


ROWCAD has been updated for the following issues:

  • Renaming or removing an Entity would not be properly updated in the viewer.

  • A crash could occur upon deleting the second-to-last point of a polyline.

  • An attempt to save a file to a path that exceeds the limit allowed by Windows is now accompanied with a notification message to save to a shorter path.



Right-Of-Way has been fixed for the following issues:

  • Observation points could be specified incorrectly in the generated 'Total Interference' files in the presence of a template file.

  • Steady-state touch voltages could be reported as zero when working in Imperial units.

  • Fixes a problem that would cause the Create Circuit operation to fail randomly.



HIFREQ has been updated as follows:

  • Allows the program to take the thickness of plates into account when computing the electromagnetic fields due to plates.

  • Fixes a problem that could cause HIFREQ models including plates to run incorrectly.

1 The Update Version number can be retrieved from the Help > About dialog of the CDEGS application and in all of the main applications. The same version number is also visible in the Control Panel > Programs and Features list of Windows for the SES Software 15.6 product listed as Product Version.